Off the Shelf and Ready-to-Go

There’s lots of talk about near field communication (NFC), RFID, and Text-to-Pay, and maybe, someday, their ecosystems will be in place, their security problems solved, and the cumbersome point-of-sale problems of text-to-pay will magically resolve themselves.  But our system is tested, vetted and ready-to-go.  Secure, patented, bordered 2D barcodes are sent to cell phones by our nifty software, and we can supply you with readers today that can read our codes from cell phone screens. 

Bring Us an Application and We’ll Serve It 

Our tested and vetted middleware will send text messages with 2-D Barcodes in them to any cell phone with an LCD screen, anywhere in the world.  Our Application Program Interface integrates seamlessly with your company’s software.   Send us a phone number and a phone code is automatically texted to that cell phone in four seconds.   For more on PhoneCodes, click here.